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Are you facing any progeny related problems? Is gestation period free of malefic effects? Seek our advice for the best time to conceive and many more. Leave the worries, plan the best and act now for your child. Want to know the pleasant and painful time as per the Dasha. Doubt for accuracy of Birth Time but curious to consult Astrologer?

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Talk to our astrologers in just 2 minutes. Call from any location of the world via your mobile phone, WhatsApp, or Skype. Get guidance for yourself and all your loved ones. Ask as many as questions you have in mind. True Indian Astrologer! A person is born in one of the stars of 27 stars, accounted in consideration and validity among numerous stars clustered in heaven, in Astrology. At any time a Planet is found to transit through a particular star zone.

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This star is reconed from birth star forms the basis of descending factor whatever the planet gives, say good or bad results. They are in 3 cycles each of 9 stars to make the total of 27 stars.

The cycle repeats for reckoning its effects. The gradation of such effects are as follows:. How to understand this?

The Planet may be occupying a star belonging to any one of 27 stars, in the cycles , , The count of star occupied by a planet reckoned from Janma Rasi star my be in one of the 9 stars in any of these cycles. If they pass through Kendras 1,4,7,10 and also in benefic stars they give moderate good results. Please Note: If these Planets pass through benefic star in other signs they will not give good results.

12222 Neptune Retrograde

It will just be neutral only. Please note: Their conventional malefic results will increase and will be more intensified. If they pass through Janma 5, 9th Thrikonas but also pass through malefic stars, their malefic stars, there will be neutral results. If they pass through benific stars, the malefic results will be reduced and there will be practically no bad results. There are 9 quarters of stars in Rishabha. They are 3 qtrs of Kruthika, 4 qtrs of Rohini, and 2 qtrs of Mirga Sheera.

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Retrograde: Planets in Retrograde Meanings -

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Discovery of 'Planet 9' has dramatic repercussions for the world of astrology

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stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology
stellar effects in astrology Stellar effects in astrology

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