Ixion in pisces astrology

Chaos Astrological Meaning

It is the supposedly chaotic state of the Universe before Zeus and the Patriarchs came along and organized it. All of the Horrible Monsters that Ulysses and Herakles and the other Heroes of the Patriarchy slew, are just elements of Feminine Power, painted over with the kind of mudslinging that again characterizes Politics today.

So in a very Real sense, the Unlimited Potential embedded in dwarf planet Chaos is the symbol of the End of the Patriarchy. We already know about Nancy. The Grand Cross big red X in a box is pretty tame, and the only other red line is the other diagonal of a Golden Rectangle the blue box. A Golden Rectangle is Golden because the ratio of its short to long sides is the Golden Ratio that occurs so repeatedly in Nature. Flow and Continuity, in other words. It is significant that Chaos is joined by dwarf planet Asbolus, which symbolizes Intuition, and Opposed by Ixion, which stands for our Forbidden Genius.

This chart contains only a Golden Rectangle, apart from the T-Square red triangle and the Tricolors red-green-blue triangles.

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After the 28th, Pluto rules the roost all by itself, and whatever Intention you Commit to here, Pluto will Amplify it tremendously between now and 2 October pm PDT. This is good, right? What about Brexit?

Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 23rd September 2019

Sounds positive overall, if a bit Open-Ended. While the Karma part reminds us that those who trump in church sit in their own pew, a Vital New Beginning sounds excellent. So the ubiquitous news about Habitual Prevaricators getting caught standing in their own you-know-what is no Surprise. Particularly notice how the hooligans are dressed in the first video of the Ixion, Forbidden Genius 3 post. Any of which Requires an Ego Adjustment, some bigger than others. I mean, in Leo we barely knew Other existed.

We thought those disembodied clapping hands were part of our scenery. Maybe a zip line, or a rappel with no belay, would be a better metaphor than a rope Bridge. With a Tricolor we unlock the Grace in the blue line by Refusing to Let the mind Believe that it Understands the Confusion inherent in the green line. We Resolve Fear by Embracing it. Which I did. A great time to go through our….


Its chart…. This is a hell of a lot of Power. Lilith is about Bringing our Identity back Home to our Self and our Soul, rather than Investing it in someone or something External to us, such as a spouse or a job. Sacred Confusion Neptune all the more. There is a seventh fencepost here — the budding 3 October Conjunction between Truth of the Heart Aletheia, and Truth of the mind Veritas. The World is our Oyster; all we need to do is Intend it.

The overarching Energy is Pluto. So we do have the flexibility to Manipulate the Energy to our advantage, if we have the Skills. Except for minor differences, the 27 September Bee-Zed Station and 28 September Chariklo Stations make the same basic chart, as all three of these Stations occur within the same 3-Degree window.

Boots Hart, CAP

By next week we should be ready to have Confidence in a whole set of New Values. Lingering beneath this Pluto Energy is a Station of dwarf planet Chaos, which, if we Allow it, can blow our Limitations to smithereens.

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With our Values in Flux here, the odds are improved. Dwarf planet Chaos implies, rather than Disorder, a Blank Slate on which we can draw anything we can Imagine that draws out our Passion.


Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the Sea

Leo is the apex of the Individual, and in Libra we Meet Other. I felt it today in the form of missing two turns on a 2-mile trip that I drive almost every day. The Vesta-Sedna Cycle is a little over three years long, which gives us a potential TimeLine for the possible Atrocities that our Planet could witness starting in March. For eleven years the Moon stays within the Tropics, ie, between North and South of the Equator. Remember that day? So sure, Zeus was granted the Attention He wanted, but guess who the people gave the real Power to?

Ego came second. The Romans recognized a good thing, and made Vesta their Goddess of the State. The Self-Resolution implies that we may not have a Choice. Contrast implies Duality, that we may be invited to Choose between keeping the Comfort of our Denial, and Accepting Rebirth. But Instinct, like Intuition, is non-Dual. As we Dance here with Intuition and Instinct, we are reminded that both symbols for Truth — both the Truth of the Heart asteroid Aletheia and the Truth of the mind asteroid Veritas , are in Scorpio.

The real fireworks will be…. We have to decide Who We Are. Are we a First Responder? A Spectator? A Denier? A Leader? An Educator? A Protester? A dedicated Bit Player? Do our daily Lives Contribute to the Problem or the Solution? Where does our own Collaboration fit in? Do we run or slink away from Fear, or do we Step Into it? If we Step In it, is it with sword drawn, or with Heart Open and mind in park? We are never at home. When we can find ways of being at home, our ancient seeds will be there with us and will have a place to resprout. They are not confined to only an invisible existence beneath the surface of the known, or imprisoned as abstract ideas, but more often than not they show up coming at us as tangible events that stretch what is accepted as real.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Blog at WordPress. October 7, Hmmm. Roads, Entering the Secret World of Nature , pp. Then we get a well-deserved rest, as there are no other Stations till late October! If we use our 3-Degree window to examine the Asbolus-Station chart… …the Self-Resolving Challenge to asteroid Karma disappears, and devolves into a Grand Cross, a chorus of small Challenges that Balance one another.

Ego Death Squared. Which is an incredible book, highly recommended. Categories 1. Post to Cancel. Deborah Welch on Prioritizing Held Emotions. Or it may indicate some sort of compulsion which causes you to take on difficulties or to undermine your Self or personal aims. It could also indicate someone who does something or continues to work towards something regardless of the difficulty or threat to one's self - - or because they simply have an inability to accept the possible danger. Regarding 'transforming someone into a sociopath,' that is unlikely to occur under any transit.

Because people who have sociopathic or narcissist, etc. So if you are talking about someone who 'becomes' a sociopath under a given transit, the chances are they were always a sociopath, but those tendencies were not recognized or discovered until the transit came along to 'uncover' or expose something to someone else. The bottom line here is that no one point defines a chart and that a psychological issue is not read from a single point. Ixion is problematic, yes. But Ixion is in every chart of every person and creature alive and not everyone is a terrible person, though we probably all have terrible moments when we have to confront something about ourselves, whether we accept it - or are forced to deal with it - or not.

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  8. I would LOVE to pick your brain and ask you a very specific question regarding a theme on my chart. It's been told that Medusa was raped by Neptune. Story tells of an amazing psychic who refuted Apollo's advances didn't allow herself to be raped? How would you read this opposition?

    Personal Natal Chart Reference

    I don't see Kassandra in charts at pivotal points outside of typical aspects with personal planets enough to get a good read, and I imagine Neptune is blurring my thoughts. I'd be so grateful for any thoughts you may have on this subject. Anna atn gmail. Ixion being consigned to Tartarus. Kuiper Belt Objects are represented by green dots -. Unbeknownst to us, the universe is unfolding as it should. Everything happens for a reason. All happens when it should for there is no way for time to manifest incorrectly.

    The Ixion of mythic description will never again have any semblance of fixed human bearing. Lea February 8, at AM. Kate February 8, at AM. Boots Hart February 10, at PM. Anonymous July 16, at AM.

    ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
    ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
    ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
    ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology
    ixion in pisces astrology Ixion in pisces astrology

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